WorldPokeMap will be going offline permanently. Unfortunately running a map to this scale just isn't feasible anymore like it used to be. When we first started this site there were no captcha costs, it was cheaper to run scans, and we had a lot more traffic to get ad revenue. So much time and effort is now needed to keep scans running, it is basically a full-time job and the costs outweigh all money coming in.

To all of those people thinking we were solely in it for the money, that is absolutely not true. Over the last week we have been running a deficit in hopes we could get traffic back. Captcha costs are over $40 / day while server expenses are even more per day. Our ad revenue does not even cover 1/5 of our daily expenses and as much as we appreciated donations unfortunately it wasn't enough to match our costs.

To all of the people who have donated, you are the reason we were able to reach over 1.5 million sessions and have coverage in over 18 cities. All of your donations went to server expenses, captcha expenses, and time taken to keep this service online. A special thanks to those who have been with us and supported us since the PokeJoin/SoFlo days, without you guys we never would have even made it to WorldPokeMap.

As much as we would like to stay online we are happy and proud of how far we have made it, the experience has been exceptional and we have learned so many things along the way.

We wish you all the best,

-The WPM Team

If you'd like to run your own map, you can download our spawnpoint data from here